Action Combat - Jon with diagonal sword


Director | Choreographer | Instructor

Jon is a certified ECSPC performance combat instructor and fight director, working extensively with companies on stage and screen.

An experienced director and choreographer for unarmed, weaponised and firearms violence, Jon is a safe set of hands to bring the best out of your team for whatever your production requires.

In addition to performance combat, Jon is a well respected HEMA practitioner and co-founder of Birmingham HEMA Club, teaching full-contact longsword fencing, dagger fighting and unarmed combat.

Alongside this, Jon is an experienced boxer and kick-boxer, and an avid student of bare-knuckle-pugilism, savate, axe and tomahawk combat, Victorian street-fighting, military infiltration combat, Bartitsu and Catch wrestling.

Jon’s well-rounded combative knowledge gives him the expertise to back up any style of choreography and bring the urgency and understanding that makes a good fight into a great one.